The Energizer Event!

October 2nd 2021 – Maastricht NL

Where students and teachers meet!
Connect. Recharge. Grow.


The Energizer Event is all about connection. You will find the connection with yourself, students, teachers and entrepreneurs. All in one day! In between the workshops and talks there is time to discover the neighborhood and make use of all the vouchers, discounts and goodies you will find in your welcoming bag. 


Enough is enough, and it’s time to recharge your battery to the fullest! The new academic year is ready for you, and we will make sure you are ready too. Not only will you leave The Energizer Event with a lot of new connections, you will also have a fully charged battery to enjoy these connections to the fullest. Get ready to achieve all your goals, because after this event nothing will stop you!


To get your life to the next level, growth is needed. And grow you will! With 4 inspiring workshops about stress management, vision creation, creative movement & breathing and self-confidence, nothing will keep you from becoming the best version of yourself. Combined with 4 energizer talks about how to become/support a student entrepreneur, the cure against loneliness, the new happiness and how to find true connections online, you will have everything you need to take yourself to the next level in this new year and second semester!

The Program


Vision Creation – Martin 

Energy Through Creative Movement- Katerina Kand

Choose Yourself! – Jasmijn George

Befriended with your stress – Birgit Veskioja 

Energy Talks

Become / support a student entrepreneur! – Soup Bros

Prevent loneliness – Moshe Sijben

Happiness Jaro Pichel

Building an online community Michelle Lynne

Tickets and pricing

Early Bird €30,-
Get 2 workshops, 2 energy talks, lunch, networking drinks and a welcoming bag. 15% discount and first pick of the program!

Regular €35,
Get 2 workshops and 2 energizer talks. Incl. lunch, networking drinks and a welcoming bag.

VIP €50,-
Get 4 workshops and 4 energizer talks with 30% discount! Lunch, networking drinks and welcoming bag included.


The Energizer Event wouldn’t exist without the support, skills & generosity of friends like these: