“Anything you can imagine, you can create.” – Oprah Winfrey

The Life Creation Route

Do what is best for you!

Do you also recognize this: You want to get more out of your future, but you don’t know how to get there. You often lack the energy to get the most out of life. Because of this there is no healthy balance between your work, study and your private life. There is little to no time left for your personal development. You know there is more to you than you are able to show right now!

What if?

What would it mean for you if you had the power to create and realize your own future? What would your life look like if you really could get the best out of yourself? What would you be doing if you could live your life completely independently of others?

That will all be possible with a clear vision and mission for the future! Within 6 months your goals and dreams will be clear to you. You now know what you are going to do to achieve and realize these goals and dreams, and you are no longer dependent on others to achieve all this. You are now able to create your own life!

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Where the Life Creation Route
will take you

Be fully empowered and always full of energy.

Create your own mission.

Make your dreams come true.

Make choices and act independently of others.

Close situations that no longer serve you.

Maintain balance in various areas of your life.

Be the best version of yourself and don’t let anyone stop you !!

The Life Creation Route: For everyone who is done with daily tiredness, low self esteem and an unclear future.

Get the best out of yourself and enjoy your life!


Maastricht, 26 jaar.

“Ik wilde van alles doen en bereiken, maar bleef heel erg in de sleur van werk en leven hangen. Het is voor mij een enorme opgave om concreet te krijgen welke doelen ik mezelf wilde stellen. Ook vond ik het moeilijk om concreet te krijgen hoe ik deze dan daadwerkelijk kon bereiken.

Katinka heeft me geholpen met duidelijk krijgen wat ik écht belangrijk vind en wil bereiken voor mezelf, niet voor anderen. Ook heb ik duidelijk gekregen waar aan ik behoefte heb om een gevoel van tevredenheid te creëren. Ik heb enorm veel uit mijn sessies gehaald. Veel meer dan ik van te voren had gedacht!”


Your investment for the 5 month Life Creation Route:

Once €700,- or 5 terms of €150,-.