I have the best view in the world!

“For starters puberty hit me hard (sorry mom) and I’m a bit of a pessimist.”
A lot of people know me as a person that is always happy, always inspired and will always figure it out. Well, doesn’t that sound too good to be true! But what if it isn’t? I believe happiness is always a possibility, and it doesn’t even require being happy all the time!
It took me a while but I got there, and all it took was one insight and two questions! And of course I will share them with you in this blog, so if you’re not ready to be real, be happy and make positive changes in your life, this would be the perfect time to stop reading this blog and go back to scrolling through FB or IG ;).
So first things first. Was I always a happy person, out in the world, getting inspired and motivated every day? No, not really. For starters puberty hit me hard (sorry mom) and I’m a bit of a pessimist. I’ve always been motivated to achieve my goals, but that has never been easy for me. I had a rough start in life, people have always judged me on my alternative look and with my severe dyslexia I always had to work harder to get where I wanted to be. So I fought my way through high school and college and then it was on to the real world! I had never been more excited about anything but to start my adult life.
Biggest disappointment ever!
And not because adulthood didn’t give me the freedom I’d always wanted, not because it didn’t give me the possibility to do things my way, but because it did! And that means that there are no more excuses, no more systems that fail, no more “it’s their fault”. It was just me, myself and I to blame it all on. So I traveled away from reality for a bit (as every post adolescent/pre-adult is supposed to), but life patiently waited for me to get back. So when did it all change? As I said: It only took one insight and two questions.
Insight: It’s all just YOUR context.
This insight hit me like a ton of bricks. And left me with a headache for a week…or two. During my course to be a consciousness coach we were talking about all these struggles in life when my lead trainer asked us:
“But is this true?” Well of course it is…stupid question. And he asked again:
“But is this true?” Well…I mean…I think it is…isn’t it? So he asked:
“But is this true? Or is it just your truth?”
Wait... Whut?
Wait… Whut?
Bomb dropped, life changed! Ish…after you put it to practice of course. Your truth, is your context. Through this window, you see the world. And the key is the realization that it is just YOUR context. And the beauty of your context is that you can change it at any moment, whenever you want to, in whatever you want it to be. If you don’t like the view just turn around and look through the window on the other side of your room. A little example:
If your context is “All men want is to have sex”, then every man that you’ll meet will just want to have sex. Because that is your context, that is your truth, and that is how you will see/treat them. So yeah…you won’t find you future husband on Tinder.
But if you change your context into “All men want is to get to know me for who I am”, then every man you’ll meet will be interested in you, and want to get to know you for who you are. Because that is how you see/treat them. I’m not saying that Tinder will be filled with future husbands all of a sudden, but you will get a lot more fun dates out of it!
And this brings me to the two questions. What they do for me on a daily basis, is to make me see my context, my window. I’m not just staring through the glass, I can choose the window and the view I’m looking at. And with that I’m able to decide what context I want to live, act and grow in. So ask yourself:
What is my context for this situation?
Be honest to yourself. When you see what your context is then ask:
Does this context serve me?
If it does, great! If it doesn’t, change it!
And so I did! I started writing blogs, because my dyslexia makes me a creative writer. I’m in a great relationship because my partner loves me for who I am. I enjoy Instagram because it’s a way to show the world who I am and what I do. I’m happy I get to fail in life, because that makes me able to grow and learn even more.
So yes, I’m truly a person that is always happy (even when I’m sad), always inspired and will always figure it out. That’s the window I’m looking through, and I have the best view in the world!
Do you also want to set a new context for your life? Coaching can help you! Feel free to contact me for a free 30 minute kick-off call, without obligations!

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