Happy without a holiday

It has always been a big theme in my life: Having a day off. When I was still in college, and also after graduation when I started working, my life was basically built around the weekend and vacations. Sometimes even before my holiday ended I was already fantasizing about the next one. During my time working the countdown usually started Monday morning: “Just 5 days left until the weekend”. And what did I do in these weekends? Well it was either drinking with the same people in the same bar complaining about having to work again on Monday, or it was hanging out at home doing nothing…besides complaining about having to work again on Monday.
And it was then, after just 1.5 years of being employed, when I realised I didn’t want to live this way. I found myself in a position where I depended on my weekends to gain enough energy to be able to get through another working week again. Big waste of my free time I thought. I wanted a different life and I got it! Because now
I don’t have any free time, weekends or holidays anymore…so how did I get here?
I haven’t seen the last 3 seasons of GOT, but I can tell you this: Summer is coming! You can just feel it all around you. The sun is shining, skirts and shorts are out and we’re starting to postpone our work or studying for that final more and more to enjoy some sun. People are getting more relaxed, thinking about their vacations.
So what’s this all about?
Just so we’re on the same page here, let me define what vacation is exactly. Vacation, or holiday, is a leave or absence from a regular occupation (work or studies) used for rest, recreation or travel.
Since Google is my best and smartest friend I decided to ask him what the point of vacation is these days. And he came straight to the point with the top 4 benefits, being: Stress reduction, heart disease prevention, improved productivity and batter sleep. You will have a better outlook on life and more motivation to achieve your goals. And this all starts as of 8 weeks before the actual vacation; apparently holiday fun starts as soon as you plan it!
Okay point taken, our physical and mental health depends on us taking a vacation!
So how is this for you? Do you know that feeling of just wanting to sleep, finally relax or just needing some time off to recharge and get some new motivation? Is it true we need our holidays in order to stay happy, get some proper sleep and no a heart attack? Apparently this is how our lives are supposed to be. But this is not the case for me.
I refuse to only work for money needed to pay for a vacation, that will only keep me healthy enough to go back to work again.
So I made some decisions that made it possible for me to life a different life. And it’s not about having my own business so I can travel and make money at the same time. No, I started my own business so I work my pretty behind off every single day (yes that’s 7 days a week, as IG will prove to you). I also still work in a restaurant a few nights a week, mainly because I love to cook for people, but also because I still enjoy some stable income. And because coaching is not just a job for me but a way of life I also get coached at least once a month, and use my own coaching tools almost daily. Self-development is an important part of my life, call it my third job.
So, why am I not living towards the summer holidays?
Because in this whole hectic 24/7 working life, all I do is realising my vision of a better world. A world where everybody can be the best version of themselves and live their best life. Every activity in my life is a step closer to making this dream a reality which gives me endless energy, motivation and inspiration to keep on doing what I do. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m saving up to go to South-Africa in November, because I too love a good vacation! I just don’t need it to prevent a heart attack. So for now I can honestly say:
I am happy without a holiday!
Do you also want to be fully energized and really enjoy your holidays? Coaching can help you! Feel free to contact me for a free 30 min kick-off-session, without obligations!
Katinka van Kan
Studentlife Coach.