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7 Steps to 100% Self-Care

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100% self-care....Why?

Taking care of myself… For me, this has always been a problem! I never felt like I had the time to take care of myself, nor did I have the feeling I should come first. And a few years ago I was done with that feeling!

I decided to develop a simple tool to stay aware of my self-care. This made it possible for me to have an overview of what self-care actually means for me, what in my life is part of it, and what I have to do to get op to that 100%!

And now you can get this tool for free!
Student Life Planner and videos with extra explanation included!


The Student Life Podcast

You can now listen to The Student Life Podcast, for free! In this podcast I discuss different topics and challenges around life as a student, and I do this with students, teachers and other professionals. These are topics like exam fear, student finances, mental health and ADHD. New episodes are released (at least) every other week. 

So, sit back, relax and enjoy The Student Life Podcast!

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Do you also know a topic that needs to be discussed? Or is there a challenge in your student life you would like to talk about? Then get in touch with me!


Study Buddies

It is the best way to get through every assignment, exam-week and graduation: a study buddy! Someone who can help and support you, explain things, wants to listen to your presentation practice, or just a buddy to makes sure you got all the coffee and breaks you need to survive!

Join the weekly Study Buddies and get ahead of your studies. Discover new places in Maastricht to study, meet other students and talk to a coach for free. Get inspired and stay motivated, together!

I will be present as well for all the extra tips, tricks, tools and support you need. Check the Student Life Agenda for up to date times and locations.

Let’s get smart together!

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