“Together we can do great things” – Mother Teresa

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7 Steps to 100% Self-Care

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This tool will help you find peace, security and balance in your life. If you ever feel tired, overwhelmed or in a complete breakdown, or when you feel like it is just impossible to find the balance between work, “me-time” and having a social life.

100% self-care....Why?

For me, this has always been a problem! And after a while I was done with that feeling. I decided to develop a simple tool to stay aware of my self-care. This made it possible for me to have an overview of what self-care actually means for me, what’s part of it and what I have to do to get to that 100%!

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Webinar: Say yes to less stress!

We all want a life without stress and with enough energy to actually achieve our goals. But where do you start? The first step is saying yes to less stress!
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In this webinar I will give you 3 Student Life Hacks that will make it possible for you to live a (student) life without stress. Start putting these simple 
tricks to good use and take your first steps into a stress free life! There are limited spots available, so don’t wait and sign up now!

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