Decisions, decisions…decide!

I hate it! Making a decision. Especially one that will impact my life on a bigger scale. But why is it so hard for me to do that? This I wanted to find out, because I have a lot of big decisions ahead of me if I want to succeed as an entrepreneur, businesswoman and consciousness coach. And I want to be successful! So let’s figure out how to make a decision.

First things first, the definition of decision: A choice that you make about something, after thinking about several possibilities. Okay great! That means I’m halfway there, because I’m really good at thinking about several possibilities. I can do that all day! Or week…or month…

Okay, maybe not so great.

So, how do I make a decision?

To figure this out I started to evaluate all the decision making I’ve already done in my life. Every decision is basically an answer to a question. I found out I’m not always aware of the decisions I make, or the questions behind them. I did figure out there are a few different categories:

Easy choices.

These are the decisions we mostly make without even realising it: What socks will I wear? Tea or coffee? What do I put on my sandwich? Will it be an apple or banana today? A lot of decisions, not that difficult. Especially when you decided years ago it’s fine to wear two different socks.

Daily struggles.

But there are also some harder decisions we have to cope with on a daily basis, the ones we really have to think about: What dress do I wear to the gala tonight? From what restaurant do we order take-out tonight? What movie will we watch on Netflix? Legit struggles, that also make sure you’ll have a fun pre-party for the gala, dinner or movie night!

High value decision.

And then there are the decisions that inevitably will affect yourself and others long term. These, for me, are high value decisions, because they have a big impact: Do I step down from my manager position to start my own company? When do I want to have children? Do I end my partnership with my current clients to be a consciousness coach? Will I invest our savings in my company, or go back to being employed? A lot to think, and I always make sure that everybody around me had a say in it…at least 2 times.

So obviously the high value decisions are the hard ones. But looking at the past two years of my life, I did make a lot of these. So why does it feel so difficult right now to make these high value decisions? What do I have to do to make these decisions? Well, it’s actually pretty easy:

Just decide!

The only way to make a decisions is to decide! But I do have to ask myself the right question. The question is not “Is this course a good investment?” but “Is this course what I need to reach my goals?”. Asking the right question actually makes every high value decision an easy choice. And for me that question is always “Will this help me to reach my goals?” So:

Decisions, decisions… decide!

Now let’s put this al in practice and make some decisions! I signed up for the course, I won’t go back to being employed and I will finish decorating my new office this week. How exiting! I can’t wait to decide on what my next decision will be!


Do you also have a hard time making decisions? Coaching can help! Feel free to contact me for a free 30 minute kick-off call, without obligations!

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