Create your day!

With this small exercise you will be able to have a positive start of your day! It also helps you to set a context for the day, so that you can get the best out of it.
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How to start:
You do this exercise first thing in the morning. Make sure you take some time to focus on the exercise, 5 to 10 min is enough!

Your thoughts:
The first thing you write down is the thought you woke up with. This can be a positive thought, or a negative thought. Or maybe it was a super weird and random thought, left-over from the dream you had. Everything is okay! By writing down your thoughts you acknowledge and accept the thoughts and mood you woke up with. This can be a good or a bad mood, it doesn’t matter. By acknowledging how you’re feeling in this moment you take away the pressure to feel good. Everything is okay.

To do list:
Now it’s time to write down your to do list for today! By writing down eveything need to do today you clear up your mind. As soon as it’s written down you will know for sure you won’t forget it, so you don’t have to keep thinking about it! You will see that this creates a lot of space in your mind, and it will make sure you can start your day relaxed and with confidence.

Question of the day:
Write down an open question that you will take with you throughout the day. Asking an open question creates a focuspoint and a context for the rest of your day. Think about questions like: “Who am I when I’m productive?” “What makes me happy?” or “What can I do to stay relaxed?”. 
You don’t have the find an answer to this question, it’s meant to open up your mind and give you new insights throughout the day.

You end the exersice by giving yourself a compliment. It is important to practice self-love every day, and best to start with it in the morning! Write down why you are proud off yourself, what you’re gratefull for or give yourself a compliment, because you are amazing!

I hope you like this exersice as much as I do! If you have any questions, be sure to send me a message on or send me a DM on Facebook (@Van Kan Coaching) or Instagram (@student_life_coaching).

Have a wonderful day!