Katinka van Kan

Life after Lock-down

It seems like forever ago when I was watching TV, something I never do, and life as we knew it changed forever. “Starting tonight, 6PM, all restaurants will be closed. Schools and Universities will be closed from Monday on. Do not leave your house unless it’s necessary, and don’t visit your family and friends.” And …

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Fit in Maastricht

Fit in Maastricht Tips and tricks for a healthy and fit student life. It’s a busy lifestyle, being a student in Maastricht. Between studying, your internship, work and maintaining your social life there is not a lot of time left to focus on your physical health. Especially in a city like Maastricht, where the parties …

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Happy without a holiday

It has always been a big theme in my life: Having a day off. When I was still in college, and also after graduation when I started working, my life was basically built around the weekend and vacations. Sometimes even before my holiday ended I was already fantasizing about the next one. During my time …

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