“Being happy never goes out of style.” – Lilly Pulitzer.

Yess, I want the free Self-Care Tool!

This tool will help you find peace, security and balance in your life. If you ever feel tired, overwhelmed or in a complete breakdown, or when you feel like it is just impossible to find the balance between work, “me-time” and having a social life. 


Student Life Coaching

“I help students that feel overwhelmed, to find the balance they need in their life.

This allows them to really enjoy their time in college, and to graduate with confidence!”


My mission

You have probably heard it before: “Your student time is the best time of your life!”. It is also the busiest time of your life. A time where you have to make a lot of important decisions, and meet the expectations of your friends and family. 

In addition to successfully finishing your studies, it is not unimportant to find a suitable internship and a job. This makes it even more of a challenge to find some time to work on your personal development, because that too is essential for your future!

It is my mission to ensure that all students can be the best version of themselves and live their best life! To achieve this I want to build a bridge between their studies, work and private life, so these areas can reinforce each other rather than standing in your way. 

Find peace, security, balance and control.

Student Life Coaching

Do you know that feeling of daily tiredness, decision stress, low self esteem or fear of the future? This can be the cause of a lot of stress and also have a negative influence on both your studies and your social life.

Walking around with these negative feelings for too long can easily result in a burn-out, depression or anxiety disorder!

But, you are not on your own! Are you ready to choose for yourself? Do you also want peace,  balance, and security in your life? Than we will take care of that together!

And you don’t have to wait for it, you can start right away with one of the Student Life Products or download the free tool.


Nienke Najera-Hogervorst

Maastricht, 21 years.

“During my sessions Katinka let me think about situations that occured in my life. By asking questions Katinka let me figure out myself what it was that I needed to do. This turned into clear and achievable goals, that were defenitely out of my cofort zone at first!

I am super happy with the results of the coaching! I made some good decisions on where to further take my education and I have a lot more self confidence now.”

Ziggy (RainDanceZiggy)

Cape Town, 27 years.

“The sessions I had with Katinka set me off on the right foot. To pursue my ambitions strategically in a holistic manner. We were able to break down each sector that I would have to pay attention and energy to. She helped me to dissect each challenge allowing me to see the big picture  yet building to it slowly. Which helped me not to get overwhelmed with this vision of myself I wanted to achieve. She was very insightful and listened to all my points, making me feel that this process was being dealt with in an organic manner. Which is a huge factor to me.

Thank you so much for your guidance and restoring the belief in me.”


Utrecht, 25 years.

“Katinka gave me back my motivation to take care of myself, which started by working out again. Besides that she helped me to develope motivation and discipline when it comes to my studies. 

I’m super happy with the way the coaching sessions went, because Katinka really motivated me to start working on my goals and to achieve them as well. And that’s exactly what I did!”

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